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Sign up for your own Young Living Account and get 24% discount for a lifetime on all products and orders.

When joining with one of our Amoha Members, you will also get access to all the amazing offers and become part of our beautiful, supporting Amoha Community.

When signing up you'll have two options of placing an order: Standard (One Time) or signing up for Essential Rewards. 

What is Essential Rewards? Read more here!

For your first order we recommend to activate Essential Rewards and go with a




you will be able to choose from various different Starter Kits

The Oily Starter Kit - with our most wanted and loved 12 oils and a diffuser of your choice

The Thieves Starter Kit - everything you'll want to ditch nasty chemicals from your household cleaning products and replace them with natural, plant based Thieves Cleaning Products

The NingXia Kit - a huge load of antioxidant and immune boosting NingXia Red Goji Berry Juice and two essential oils

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That's why we recommend going with one of the oily kits for your first order

Included in this kit is everything you need to immediately immerse yourself into the world of essential oils and get a variety of ways to use them - you can already start ditching so many unnecessary chemicals in your household by simply making your own products with these 12 oils. 

When jumping on board with our Amoha Tribe we will gift you are beautiful Amoha Starter Booklet with loads of recipes for common products that you use in everyday life and can now replace easily by making your own or just get your hands on the many alternatives that Young Living already offers ready made.

Depending on your country, the oils that come with the kit and diffusers available may vary


Diffuser of your choice:

Dewdrop, Desert Mist, Aria, Lantern, Rainstone (US)

(Europe) Premium

Essential Oils Collection

  • Lavender 5ml,

  • Lemon 5ml

  • Frankincense 5ml

  • Di-Gize 5ml

  • Thieves 5ml

  • Purification 5ml

  • RC 5ml

  • Copaiba 5ml

  • PanAway 5ml

  • Stress Away 5ml

  • AromaGlide roll-on attachment,

  • Orange + 5 ml

  • 10 Do you love it? Share it! Business card samples

  • 10 Do you love it? Share it! Oil samples

  • Product catalog

  • Discover your Young Living lifestyle

  • 2 NingXia Red single (60ml)


Essential Rewards (ER) Premium Program


Young Living offers the wonderful opportunity to benefit even more from your purchases.

When ordering monthly for a minimum of 50PV (approx. 60€) you receive a whole lot of benefits and save extra:


  • reduced shipping up to 50%

  • Bonus points of 10-25% for each of your orders that you can exchange for free products (after 3 consecutive orders)

    • month 1-3 = 10% of each order in Reward Points​

    • month 4-24 = 20% of each order 

    • month 25+ = 25% of each order

  • monthly special offers and "free products of the month" for every ER order from a certain order value

  • can be canceled at any time via email to customer service

Because this program is so awesome and you can only win, we definitely recommend to activate ER program, even if you only want to order once. Why? Because you can easily cancel at any time and you will at the very least save up to 50% in shipping cost.


And maybe you will be glad you activated ER immediately with your first order - it has happened so many times that people didn't intend to keep ordering but realised how amazing this way of slowly ditching all chemicals in your household and profiting double and triple from every order.